career coaching testimonials

"Sarah Gonzalez's career coaching is life changing. By helping me define what I value, affirming my passions and giving me the strength to let go of my fears, Sarah Gonzalez gave me the courage to pursue my dream of launching my own business at age 28. I couldn't have done it with out her strategic guidance, wise counsel and unrelenting encouragement. Her impact is priceless. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to makes their career dreams a reality."

- Amanda McLachlan, Event Planner and Small Business Owner, USA

"I reached out to Sarah after I realised I wasn’t getting the job satisfaction I had felt previously in my career. It was affecting multiple areas of my life; from my relationship to how I felt about myself. Sarah has been incredible from the beginning, helping me identify what I’m good at and what drives me. Her calm, stable approach is reassuring and encouraging, yet she hasn’t been afraid to take me out my comfort zone.  Sarah has helped me learn more about myself than I ever knew, in turn building my confidence to aim for the creative career change I desired. Sarah has taught me how to tap into a more balanced, happy lifestyle that I will be forever grateful for. I feel very lucky to have such a brilliant coach."

- Elizabeth Barry - Interior Designer, London

"I’ve had the good fortune to coach alongside Sarah. She has a wonderful, natural style – of highly perceptive listening and observing – mixed with an ease and grace in her communication. This not only endears her to the people she works with, but also makes her a great coach. I highly recommend her."

- Richard Alderson - Founder, Careershifters, London

"Sarah has not only been my coach for the past 6 months, but a true inspiration in guiding me through the next chapter in my life. Her humor, passion, and willingness to push me outside of my comfort zone has led me onto a path I never thought I would never reach. Her homework for me has always been very thought provoking and valuable. Coming from a place where I was all over the map, she has coached and steered me in a direction where I know I will be able to not only succeed in work, but in life as well."

- Grace Goldman- Healthcare, USA

"After researching the coaching landscape and meeting several, I decided on Sarah because of her competence and warmth. What I wanted most was some assistance in working out what type of role to pursue and making a plan to secure it. We got to work on establishing what I enjoyed and what my skills were. Through the use of exercises, some of which were fun, others scary, I was able to map out precisely what aspects of a career I was most suited to. Sarah also helped me to develop a systematic way of thinking and taking action towards my desired outcomes, underpinned by a stronger foundation of the things I enjoyed and cared about. I now have a new job that I'm excited about and look forward to developing my skills further."

-Dan Copping - Education and Student Support, London

coach mentoring testimonials

"Sarah Gonzalez has been my trusted coach since October 2016, and I consider myself very fortunate to have her in my life. I’ve worked through some successful, significant life changes with Sarah’s coaching. And now, in the midst of my own coach training here in Canada – having Sarah as a sounding-board and mentor is one of the best decisions I could have made. As a Certified Co-Active Coach, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a calm, professional presence to her coaching practice. As I approach the mid-point of my training and certification prep, I really appreciate having her in my corner! Whether I’m feeling swamped by the pace and workload, or just have a concept I want to explore with her – I know we can talk it through. I feel completely supported by her patient, sensible approach and her ability to help me realize that I can depend on myself to succeed, and that I will cross the finish line." 

Cheryl Lowe, Coach Trainee, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada